PETRAns Sped & Speed Kft.

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  • International and domestic transport up to 24 tons
  • Express delivery
  • Courier service
  • Spedition, transportorganisation
  • Forwarding
  • Warehousings
  • Customs

International and domestic transport: up 0-24 tonnes We undertake regular or special orders of the domestic and international levels.


Expres delivery: 5 and 8 palettes, young, fully equipped vans undertake the delivery of urgent freight to 1500kg domestically and internationally.


Courier service : we can small pack (small package to 2 euro pallet size) to provide transport vehicles on the rapid and cost-effective delivery of consignments. 


Spedition, transportorganisation:  in our modern office by multilingual and well-trained staff work to ensure freight forwarder for contractors too.


Forwarding, moving: with our various sizes, taut and curtain closed vehicles We are experienced in both domestic and international removals with lift. (movable, home removals, office removals, storage removals, furniture delivery) We undertake appropriate high value belongings, special insurance for the value.


Storage , warehousing: in some cases we have handled cargo storage provide a well-equipped, secure and easily accessible storage room.


Customs: we can provide and mediate clearance opportunity for our client on site, which is an excellent partner, the Nagy-Zoll Ltd. carries out a long-time ago.